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The Best Companies for Freelance Writing Jobs

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A list of American companies that offer freelance, flexible or telecommuting jobs of all kinds for professional writers and editors. In the modern economy, more and more companies are attempting to hold on to employees by offering more freedom in terms of work hours and environment (often in place of raising salaries or providing additional perks.)

A variety of different kinds of freelancing and flexible work is available for writers. Writing, editing and sales are perhaps the most popular fields for freelance employment, but industries ranging from technology to medicine to engineering have numerous opportunities posted for flexible work around the Web. This list collects together the highest-ranked and best-reviewed companies offering flexible or freelance writing work.

Particularly as technological innovations allow for more workforce and employment options, these companies will allow employees to work more flexible hours, or out of their own home. This can provide much-needed relief for employees concerned about parenting or caregiving responsibilities, and also allows for greater stress relief and improved work-life balance.
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