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The Top Companies for Working Moms

Updated August 11, 2017 7.8k views97 items
Companies offering great jobs for working moms. This is a list of companies that provide good working conditions for women with families, who need more flexible hours in order to raise children and spend time at home. Combined, the companies on this list employ nearly 2.5 million people. (The list was originally compiled by

Many of these employers use different combinations of perks and policies to provide a workable environment for moms (particularly single moms.) These can include offering flexible hours (sometimes called flex-time) that allow mothers to leave work earlier in the day - before children are out of school - or to supplement some of their work hours from the home. Companies like Bank of America, as policy, offering a terrific family health insurance program to all employees, even those working as little as 20 hours a week. Others like Aol help to arrange day care services and allow for more freedom in determining work schedules. Many of these companies also support a paid parental leave law that supports all new parents.

The reality is that most parents will have to work in order to support a growing family. These are companies that attempt to remain competitive by giving working mothers a leg up and allowing them to make some choices that will allow for greater work-life balance.