The 40+ Best Companies To Work For By The Beach in Southern California

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If you have dreams of working by the beaches in Southern California, you're probably wondering where you can make that dream come true. We've put together this list of the best companies to work for by the beach, to help take the edge off the stress of job hunting and give you something substantially sunny and sandy to dream about.

There are a lot of beach side tech companies, from obvious coastal cities like Santa Monica to often overlooked areas like El Segundo. The best jobs by the beach aren't always tech, there are even eCommerce companies like Hallmark, apparel companies like Stance Socks, and cosmetic companies like Urban Decay.

Whatever sort of place you're hoping to work for there are great companies by the beach. If we've forgotten a company that has over 50 employees and is a great place to work, be sure to add it so other people looking for the top employers by the beach can check them out.

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  • Stance


    Socks, Apparel
    20 votes

    Company Size: 117
    Location: San Clemente

    Stance is an American sock and underwear brand founded in 2009, headquartered in San Clemente, California. Originally producing only socks, Stance expanded into the underwear market in 2015.

    Information Technology
    19 votes

    Company size: 689
    Location: Santa Monica Inc. is an American online resource for automotive information headquartered in Santa Monica, California. Originally printing booklets of consolidated automotive specifications, Edmunds published their data to CD-ROM in the 90s and launched in 1995.

  • Santa Monica Studio - Playstation

    Santa Monica Studio - Playstation

    Gaming, Hardware
    12 votes

    Company size: 330
    Location:  Santa Monica

  • PatientPop


    Healthtech, Software
    12 votes

    Company size: 280
    Location: Santa Monica

    PatientPop is a software company based in Santa Monica, California. They specialize in managing customer flow, web presence, and practice growth of health care service providers.

  • Hulu
    TV Programme Creator
    10 votes

    Company size: 1,430
    Location: Santa Monica

  • CWS Apartment Homes

    CWS Apartment Homes

    Construction, Real Estate
    17 votes

    Company size: 707
    Location: Newport Beach

    Founded in 1969, CWS Apartment Homes is a real estate and property management management firm.