The Best Con Movies

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Films about con artists and confidence men

List of the best con movies of all time. Stories about con artists have been around since man could pick up a pen. The tales are thrilling because they feature people smart enough to steal from the rich to fill their own pocketbooks using complicated tricks. Some of the best movies ever made are about con men and their fascinating schemes. Con artist movies range from exciting heist adventures to following a scammer as he or she flits from town to town, scamming all in sight. Although these movies are - on the surface - about characters who are unscrupulous and willing to screw over anyone for a buck, there are still universal themes involved. Themes like trust, family, friendships, and loyalty appear in most of these movies and are therefore compelling to the average viewer.

This list includes movies from all different time periods, from a father daughter team in the 1920s to modern day scam partners. Some of the characters have close relationships to their con artist partners, while others are desperately searching for somebody to connect with, like Matt Damon's character in The Talented Mr. Ripley.

What are the best movies about con artists? This list features characters who could get you to hand over your wallet with a simple conversation and the exhilarating scams they think up.

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