These Amazing Concealers Can Cover Anything

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A natural makeup look is a great option, but sometimes you just want to look flawless. That's when a high-coverage concealer and foundation are your best friend.

Whether it's for creating a blank canvas to play with, for hiding acne scars or dark circles, or if it's because hyper-pigmentation plagues you, these top concealers are the weapon of choice in any makeup arsenal. The concealers with the most coverage are coveted items to anyone not born looking like a pristine doll... which is to say, everyone.

Which concealers work best? Here are the cream of the crop in one easy list. The best concealers offer full-coverage, long-wear, and a super-hydrating formula. A good concealer stays put, never creases or flakes, and nourishes problem skin. These top makeup concealers will give you flawless coverage at every price point.

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