The Best Conditioner for Black Hair

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Any conditioner that works particularly well for the texture of African American hair.

The best conditioner for Black hair is one that effectively provides long-lasting moisture without weight down the hair. Many of the conditioners for African-American hair listed here are ultra-rich and hydrating, offering effective protection from breakage and just enough conditioning to keep hair silky and soft. Be sure to vote for the conditioners you like the most and vote down those you haven't found to be all that great. Also, please do add any products that are missing.

What makes a truly great conditioner for ethnic hair? The top conditioners for African-American hair frequently include wonderful, all natural botanical ingredients that gently coat the hair, making it supple. It's super important to avoid letting hair become very dry, because that absolutely makes the hair shaft brittle and far more prone to breaking. It's much easier to prevent the problem with a good moisturizing conditioner for Black hair, instead of trying to treat the issue after the damage has already been done.

Another thing to consider: Some conditioners are designed to work best on natural hair; others are best for chemically relaxed hair. Be sure to read labels carefully to determine which formulas will work best for you.

Some of the conditioners listed here are so-called "deep" conditioners, designed to be used a few times a week for extra oomph. Others are leave-in conditioners, which aren't rinsed out after shampooing. Still others are really great for "co-washing," a process that involves skipping potentially damaging and drying shampoos in favor of a good conditioner. Not everyone is into co-washing, but if you are, you'll probably see some products listed here that look familiar.

Having the best conditioner for Black hair is a must, but it is only one component of a healthy hair plan. For more suggestions on how to best care for African-American hair, check out these lists of the best shampoos for Black hair, the best sulfate-free shampoos and the best natural, organic shampoos.

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