The Best Conditioner for Colored Treated Hair

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Both leave-in and rinse-out conditioners that work well for hair that has been colored

What is the best conditioner for colored hair? Color-treated hair often needs a bit of extra conditioning, to keep locks bright and prevent damage. When you color your hair, you can damage it, so finding the right conditioner is a must to keep tresses soft, shiny and manageable. This list includes some of the top color protecting conditioners around. They are all designed to moisturize and help prevent color fading. Vote for those you've tried and loved; vote down any that you didn't like. Also, you can and absolutely should add any great conditioners that are missing from the list.

An effective conditioner for colored hair must help to replace moisture that might be lost during the often harsh coloring process. Some of the top hair conditioners on this list can be used for deep conditioning as well. With proper care, color-treated hair can be healthy, bouncy and certainly well-conditioned. Just make sure you pair the colored hair conditioner with a shampoo made for color-treated hair as well, to get the optimum benefits. Your color will last longer, and that's a huge relief on your wallet.

What makes for a great color-treated hair conditioner? First and foremost, one that won't strip your color. Conditioners for color protection help to bring out beautiful color tones in hair -- not remove them entirely. The result: Dull, drab hair becomes stunning and noticeably more gorgeous. The effect can be instantaneous, or cumulative. While miracles are hard to come by where hair care is concerned, if you pair the right shampoo/conditioner together, the results can seem miraculous at times.

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