The Best Conditioner for Dry Hair

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The best conditioner for dry hair offers protection and nourishment, making straw-like locks smooth, shiny and beautiful again. Hair gets dry for a variety of different reasons, but fortunately, a slew of great dry hair conditioners are available. This list includes some of the best, but it is by no means complete. Feel free to add your favorites and, of course, to vote the products up or down.

Dry hair needs gentle treatment. Start with a good moisturizing shampoo, or, if you need it, a shampoo for damaged hair,and go from there. Adding in an excellent dry hair conditioner, along with reputable styling products (no alcohol, please!) can help keep your locks in tip top shape. Dry hair can be brittle and, for some, downright frizzy. Many conditioners are designed to help tame the frizzies. Once you find that one great conditioner, you'll know.

What causes hair to get extremely dry? Chemical treatments (especially coloring) and daily use of heat (straighteners, hair dryers and/or curling irons) can strip much-needed moisture from hair, making it highly prone to damage. Conditioners for dry hair contain specific ingredients that help moisturize, detangle and smooth/soften strands. Some dry hair conditioners are specifically formulated with only natural ingredients, so if that's what you're after, be sure to read labels carefully (and check out this list of the best sulfate free shampoos, too).
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