The Best Conditioners for Curly Hair

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Conditioners designed for curly hair.

The best conditioners for curly hair can help to make messy curls sleek, defined and simply gorgeous. Curly hair needs special care, so finding the right conditioner and shampoo for curly hair is a must. Some of the most effective frizzy hair treatments and conditioners are listed here, so vote for the products you like and add any that are missing.

Caring for curls is tricky: You have to find just the right balance between conditioners to ensure that hair is well-moisturized without being totally weighed down. Hair needs regular detangling, but curly hair can be breakage-prone, so it's best to find a great conditioner that gets out any knots without breaking strands. The best conditioners can leave behind shiny, bouncy, stunningly perfect curls!

Some curly hair conditioners are designed to be left in the hair; others are rinse-out, but all of them include nourishing ingredients that help to balance out delicate curly locks. Curly hair needs detangling, defrizzing and a barrier to help fight humidity (which can wreak havoc on curls).

The best curly hair conditioners are often designed to be used as part of a larger hair-care system, one that includes shampoos for curly hair and other products (like sprays, mousses and hair gels) for optimum benefit. Not all conditioners for curly hair are created equal, so it might be a matter of hit and miss until you find the perfect product for your tresses. You want curl definition without all the nasty frizzies that can be a problem for those blessed with naturally curly hair.

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