The Best Conditioners for Frizzy Hair

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Conditioners for frizzy hair.

The best conditioners for frizzy hair are designed to tame unruly tresses while leaving them soft, shiny and beautifully healthy. Frizzy hair absolutely needs a great conditioner, and that's what this list is about: great treatments for frizzy hair. Be sure to vote for your favorites and add any that might be missing from the list. You can also rerank this list in any order you choose!

When determining the best conditioner for frizzy hair, it's extremely important to consider the cause of the frizzies. That's how to figure out the best smoothing conditioner for you. Most often, hair gets frizzed out because of moisture loss. A good treatment for frizzy hair will help to put that much-needed moisture back into the hair. The result? Smooth and shiny, manageable tresses.

Some naturally curly-haired people have frizz simply because... well, they just do. Some factors can make the hair more frizzy, especially the weather. A rainy, humid day is a recipe for disaster, and a great frizz-fighting conditioner is a must. Some of the top smoothing conditioners listed here are actually leave-in conditioners.That's a great option if you're trying to fight the frizzies, because a good leave-in might last a bit longer than one you rinse out in the shower, so we're added the best in leave-in conditioners for dry, frizzy hair.

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