The Best Musical Artists From Connecticut

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Only artists born or raised in Connecticut or bands formed in Connecticut.

Here are the best artists and bands from Connecticut. Whether you like indie rock or synthpop, there is something for everyone in Connecticut. The New England state has spawned some of the most famous bands, singers, and rappers over the last few decades, and many of them got their start playing from Hartford to Cromwell. Connecticut is particularly noteworthy for having the fourth oldest orchestra in the United States. Connecticut has produced so much talent that it is easy to see so many talented Connecticut musical artists. 

John Mayer was born in Bridgeport. Before he made such hits as "Your Body Is a Wonderland" and "Waiting on the World to Change," he was just a normal kid being raised in Connecticut. Other acts that have come out of the Constitution State include Liz Phair, Moby, and MGMT. All of these artists barely scratch the surface of all the talent that has come out of the state, and no matter what genre you like most, there is an artist on this list for you. Other popular Connecticut artists include Michael Bolton, The Carpenters, Steelheart, and Fates Warning.

To determine who the best musicians from Connecticut are, you will need to vote for the acts you like most. This list is filled with rappers, singer/songwriters, guitarists, and plenty of Connecticuters who have gone on to take the world by storm. 

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  • The Carpenters
    Adult contemporary music, Pop music, Rock music
    • Albums: Christmas Portrait, An Old-Fashioned Christmas, Christmas Collection, Close to You, Lovelines
  • John Mayer
    Blues, Pop, Rock
    • Albums: Continuum, Room for Squares, Heavier Things, Battle Studies, Born and Raised
  • MGMT
    Synthpop, New Wave, Dance-punk
    • Albums: Oracular Spectacular, MGMT, Flash Delirium, Congratulations, Daytrotter Session-live album
  • Vatican Commandos
    Hardcore punk
    • Albums: Hit Squad for God EP
  • Liz Phair
    Hip hop music, Rock music, Pop rock
    • Albums: Exile in Guyville, whitechocolatespaceegg, Whip-Smart, Liz Phair, Somebody's Miracle
  • Youth of Today
    Straight edge, Youth crew, Hardcore punk
    • Albums: Break Down the Walls, We're Not in This Alone, Can't Close My Eyes, Take a Stand, Disengage
  • Moby
    Electronica, Down Tempo, Ambient
    • Albums: Play, Everything Is Wrong, 18, I Like to Score, The End of Everything
  • Peter Tork
    Pop music, Rock music, Experimental rock
    • Albums: Stranger Things Have Happened
  • Hatebreed
    Crossover thrash, Thrash metal, Groove metal
    • Albums: Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire, Perseverance, Supremacy, Under the Knife, For the Lions
  • Charles Ives
    Art song, Classical music, 20th-century classical music
    • Albums: Works for Piano (piano: Alan Mandel), Three Quarter-Tone Pieces / Five Take-Offs / Hallowe'en / Sunrise, Bernstein Century: Ives: The Unanswered Question / Holidays (Symphony) / Central Park in the Dark / Carter: Concerto for Orchestra, Concord Sonata / Three Places in New England / Central Park in the Dark, The Complete Songs of Charles Ives
  • No image

    The Zambonis (hockey band)

  • No image

    Thurston Moore

  • Fates Warning
    Progressive metal, Power metal, Heavy metal
    • Albums: Awaken the Guardian, A Pleasant Shade of Gray, The Spectre Within, Perfect Symmetry, Night on Bröcken
  • Mary Travers
    Pop music, Folk music
    • Albums: Mary
  • Rivers Cuomo
    Pop punk, Progressive metal, Rock music
    • Albums: Alone: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo, Not Alone: Rivers Cuomo & Friends Live at Fingerprints, Alone II: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo, Alone III: The Pinkerton Years
  • Vinnie Vincent
    Glam metal, Heavy metal, Hard rock
    • Albums: Euphoria
  • Michael Bolton
    Adult contemporary music, Blue-eyed soul, Pop music
    • Albums: This Is the Time: The Christmas Album, Only a Woman Like You, Timeless: The Classics, Greatest Hits (1985–1995), The One Thing
  • Miracle Legion
    Jangle pop, Rock music, Alternative rock
    • Albums: Portrait of a Damaged Family, Drenched, Surprise Surprise Surprise, Me and Mr. Ray, Glad
  • Roger Glover
    Blues-rock, New Wave, Heavy metal
    • Albums: Love Is All, Accidentally on Purpose, Snapshot, Elements, Mask
  • John Scofield
    Nu jazz, Jazz-funk, Acid jazz
    • Albums: Shortcuts, All Strings Attached, I Can See Your House From Here, A Go Go, That's What I Say: John Scofield Plays the Music of Ray Charles
  • The Philistines Jr. w/Grammy Winner Pete Katis

    The Philistines Jr. w/Grammy Winner Pete Katis

    The Sinking of the S.S. Danehower (Dot Dot Dash, 1995), Analog Vs. Digital (Or We Don't Get The Respect We Deserve In Today's Scientific Community) (Tarquin Records, 2001) If a Band Plays in the Woods...? (Tarquin Records, 2010), Help! (Tarquin Records, 2019)

  • Tune-Yards
    Afrobeat, Rhythm and blues, Noise music
    • Albums: Whokill, Nikki Nack, BiRd-DrOpPiNgS, tUnE-yArDs as YOKO, Bird-Brains
  • Mates of State
    Indie pop, Progressive rock, Indie rock
    • Albums: Bring It Back, Re-Arrange Us, Mountaintops, My Solo Project, Team Boo
  • Spring Heeled Jack USA
    Third-wave of ska, Ska
    • Albums: Static World View, Songs From Suburbia, Connecticut Ska
  • Deep Banana Blackout
    Jazz fusion, Jazz, Funk
    • Albums: Release the Grease, Feel The Peel, Live in the Thousand Islands, Rowdy Duty