The Greatest Contemporary Ballets

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Ballet is the most popular form of dance and has been dazzling audiences for decades. Some of the most famous dance pieces have been ballet however, with the rise in the popularity of contemporary styles of dancing, the blending of both modern dance moves with classical ballet has resulted in contemporary ballet.

The most famous contemporary ballet choreographer is Martha Graham, credited by the dance community as the “mother of contemporary ballet." Graham was able to beautifully combine modern dance with contemporary ballet, and the result was decades of extremely successful and beautiful dance pieces that are still performed by the best dance companies today.

This list discusses the best contemporary ballets of all time including, Rainbow Round My Shoulders, Appalachian Spring, Time of Snow, Errand Into the Maze, Maple Leaf Rag, Embattled Garden, American Original, Primitive Mysteries, and Chorale.

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Most divisive: Panorama
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  • Time of Snow

    Time of Snow

    Martha Graham
    21 votes
  • Revelations


    Alvin Ailey
    67 votes
  • The Rite of Spring

    The Rite of Spring

    Joffrey Ballet
    90 votes
  • Every Soul Is a Circus

    Every Soul Is a Circus

    Martha Graham
    21 votes
  • Primitive Mysteries

    Primitive Mysteries

    Martha Graham
    26 votes
  • Perséphone


    Martha Graham
    23 votes