Who Is The Best Cornerback In The NFL Right Now?

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Who is the best cornerback in the NFL right now? From breaking up passes to making tackles on receivers, the top NFL cornerbacks play an important role on the field. They've got to be quick, powerful, and fearsome—and all the players on this list of NFL cornerbacks are just that. Whether they're a part of an impenetrable duo or are simply known as one of the best defenders in football, who do you think are the best cornerbacks in the NFL right now? Which corners do you love?

When it comes to current cornerbacks, few hold down the CB position better than players like Jalen Ramsey, Xavier Rhodes, and Casey Hayward. However, you've also got to consider long time vets like Patrick Peterson, not to mention Darius Slay, A.J. Bouye, and Marshon Lattimore, among others. In short, there are plenty of killer corners out there going up against the best wide receivers, but only one can be considered the very best. 

Vote up the best current cornerbacks in the NFL below and help deide which cornerback is at the top of their class. While you're at it, cast a vote for the best linebackers in the NFL today.

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