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The Best Cosmic Horror Movies That Will Warp Your Mind

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Cosmic horror might be your favorite genre that you didn't even know existed. While certainly a niche filmmaking style, it includes some the most revered mind-melting movies of all time. Many of these titles are derived at least in part by the work of H.P. Lovecraft. Some films, like 2019's Color Out of Space starring Nic Cage, is a faithful adaptation of the short story with the same name. Others, like The Thing, simply draw much of it's inspiration from the author. The head-popping films of David Cronenberg perhaps best exemplify the cosmic horror genre, including Videodrome and Scanners. Lesser known cult classics like In the Mouth of Madness and The Endless take viewers into temporal loops and plots that loop within themselves. In short, if you want films that warp reality and question humankinds place within the universe, then look no further than cosmic horror movies.

Whether you're already a cosmic horror buff or a new viewer looking for a watchlist, check out this interdimensional list! Vote up your favorites and come back as new ones get added.

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