Total Nerd We Found The Best Cosplay From NYCC 2017, And It's Simply Jaw-Dropping  

Zack Howe
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Cosplay from NYCC never disappoints. NYCC Cosplay might even reach the level of SDCC's, but who cares about which is better; it's all awesome! There are so many dedicated super nerds out there who go all out on their costumes, and one of the coolest things is how much gender-bending there is – because a hero is a hero. Whether gender-bent or not, 2017 New York Comic-Con cosplay was on point, so much so that you could spend days scrolling through all of the pics and keep finding gems.

There are a bunch of different factors that make a great cosplay. Sometimes it's just the exquisite and painstaking attention to detail by a cosplayer to match every single element of their favorite character, and sometimes it's wickedly clever crossovers that make you laugh or gasp or both. Unsurprisingly, there's no shortage of either kind at NYCC.

Read on to explore the coolest cosplay from New York Comic-Con 2017, and make sure to vote up your favorites.

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Just Waiting For The Train In Midgar


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More Like Warhammer 100k


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They're Mary Poppins, Y'all!


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Negan's Bat Is Grisly And Awesome


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