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The Best CS:GO Streamers On Twitch

Updated April 16, 2018 1.3k votes 230 voters 6.6k views25 items

Looking for a good CS:GO streamer? We're ranking the best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive streamers on Twitch right now. Released in August 2012, CS:GO is still one of the most popular shooter games today. Whether you're looking for gameplay strategy, tips and tricks, or funny highlights, this list of the most popular CS:GO streamers has it all. Who is the best CS:GO streamer on Twitch? 

When ranking the most watched CS:GO livestreams, DrDisRespect, shroud, and n0thing are definitely in the top ten. Other good CS:GO players to watch include PAGO3, WarOwl, and gafallen. 

Vote up the best Twitch stars streaming CS:GO. Feel free to add your favorite CS:GO livestreamers who are missing from the list. 

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