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The Best Countries for Education

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List of the Best Countries for Education in order of best to worst. What makes a country the best at education? Is it good international test scores and high graduation rates? Or does it basically boil down to which nation's school system gets the most funding? We need the help of Ranker voters to help weigh in on all of the factors and determine the best country for education.

In a 2012 study by Pearson education firm, Finland landed on top of their list of countries with great school systems. The Pearson study noted that having a culture supportive to education is one of the most important factors in somewhere being a good place for higher learning. Different teaching methods are used in schools across the globe, but if a society deems education important those countries offer better environments for education. Great teachers who know how to relate knowledge in many ways are also at the utmost importance when determining the best country for education.

Which country will top our list of the best for education? Decide which factors matter most to you and vote for the nation that you believe should be number one on Ranker's list of the best countries for schooling.