The Best Countries for Fly Fishing

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Where is the best fly fishing in the world? Which are the top countries to visit for excellent fly fishing? This list ranks the best fly fishing destinations. Though fly fishing is a popular sport in the United States, there are many places in the world that are also great for fly fishing. Some countries with the best fly fishing include Guatemala, Norway, New Zealand, and more. 

There are many top fly fishing destinations all around the world. Because fly fishing can be done in both salt water and fresh water, there are many different places that support great fly fishing. Canada is a popular North American destination for fly fishing and is well known for Atlantic Salmon fishing, though walleye and trout are other popular species for fly fishing in Canada.

Other popular countries for fly fishing include Brazil, where avid fly fishers venture to the beautiful Amazon Jungle for the prized peacock bass. There are also many other countries in Central America that offer fine fly fishing opportunities, including Costa Rica, Panama, and Venezuela.  

What is the best fly fishing destination in the world? From the most beautiful and remote regions of the world, this list ranks the top fly fishing countries on earth. Vote up the countries that are the best for fly fishing below.
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