The Best Countries for Mountain Climbing

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List of top countries for mountain climbing. What are the best mountain climbing destinations? This list ranks the most popular countries for mountaineering. Though mountain climbing was once shrouded in mystery due to superstitions about mountains, mountain climbing was popularized as a sport in the 19th century. While mountain climbing used to be a hazardous expedition, the recognition of mountaineering as a sport helped develop guidelines and professional equipment to make it more safe. 

There are many different terrains that mountain climbers encounter. Different mountain ranges have a unique set of characteristics, including snow, rocks, glaciers and ice. Some threats include falling debris, avalanches and slopes. The weather and altitude also play a major role in climbing. Some mountain climbers spend days or weeks on a climb, though some easier mountain ranges can take just a few hours.

There are also different styles of mountain climbing. Expedition style involves a longer period of time with multiple trips to carry supplies from camp to camp. Alpine style takes a shorter amount of time since climbers do not set up camp and carry supplies.

Some of the most popular mountain ranges for mountain climbing include the European Alps or the Rocky Mountains in North America. Other notable mountain ranges include the Andes and the famous Mount Everest. 

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