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The Best Countries for Rock Climbing

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List of top destinations for rock climbing. What are the best countries for rock climbing? This list ranks the most popular countries for rock climbers. From the United States to Switzerland, Thailand and Australia, there are many great destinations for rock climbing. Though most commonly though of as an indoor sport in gyms on artificial rock walls, true rock climbing enthusiasts travel all around the world to conquer the Earth's biggest boulders.

In the U.S. there are many great destinations for rock climbing, including Nevada, Colorado and Utah. Rock climbing is an extremely physically demanding sport and continues to become a more popular competitive sport. Beyond competition, rock climbing is a great way to catch astounding views from notable peaks including Devil's Needle in Brazil, California's Yosemite National Park and the famous Matterhorn of the Swiss Alps. 

Not only is the sport one of the most rigorous, rock climbing can also be a dangerous sport as it involves great balance, strength and control. One different type of rock climbing is free climbing without the use of equipment for support. Aid climbing is a popular rock climbing technique for amateurs and even novices that uses gear to help climbers. 

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