The Best Countries for Skiing

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List of the best countries for skiing ranked from best to worst. Is there anything better than gliding down a mountain that is covered in fresh, powdery snow? Skiing can be a heavenly experience, but which country is the absolute best for skiing? Vote on this list of the best ski countries and let people know which nation has supreme snow.

The Swiss Alps are synonymous with skiing, making Switzerland and ideal country for the winter sport. Skiers of all experience levels can find the perfect mountain in Switzerland at one of their many glorious resorts. The United States offers some great opportunities for skiing on powdery snow. Every year thousands of snow bunnies travel to Washington, Utah and Colorado for a chance to glide down their peaks.

Japan is also one of the best countries for skiing. Mountains in the Niesko region get over 600 inches of snowfall each year. No wonder Japan has already hosted two winter Olympics. Then there is the world famous Whistler resort in Canada,where every year people journey up to British Columbia to get a shot at their slopes.

 Which country is the best for skiing? Vote on this list and let us know where you have experienced the best slopes with powdery snow in the comments section.

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