The Best Countries for Surfing

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List of the Best Countries for Surfing ranked from best to worst. There are so many wonderful places to catch an epic wave across the world. Which country is the best for surfing? That all depends if you prefer surfing amongst pro-surfers, hitting the water in secluded spots or surfing along side rocky cliffs. Vote on this list and weigh in on which country has the best waves in the world.

The United States of America has tons of great surf spots. Oahu features some of the biggest waves in the world and California is a popular destination for surfers of all skill levels. Australia also has some of the world's greatest breaks. The Gold Coast offers surfers the experience of a lifetime and Byron Bay in New South Wales provides surfers with shark nets so you can hang ten with no worries.

Expert surfers regularly journey to Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa to experience their infamous Supertubes. The beaches of Bali, Indonesia offer a range of waves giving beginners and experts a chance to co-mingle in the water. If you're looking for your next surf adventure check out AST surf camp to ensure you get epic waves and have an amazing time. 

Which country do you think is the best for surfing? Vote on this list and let us know where you have caught the gnarliest waves. Hang Ten!
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