The Best Countries for Women

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The safest countries for female citizens to work and lead happy, productive lives

List of the best countries for women ranked from best to worst. When determining which country is the best for women, many factors must be taken into consideration. Are women being treated equally to men in the workplace? Do ladies have good access to healthcare? Is safety a concern for females when they are alone? These questions and more must be answered when determining which country is the best for women.

Workplace equality is an important issue for women in all developed nations. In 2013, The Economist created a “Glass Ceiling Index” that placed New Zealand at the top of the list of best countries for working women. Norway and Sweden also appeared high on the positive list with the U.S. landing in the 12th best position.

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development points out that Bulgaria is the best country for women when it comes to maternity leave, offering more than 56 weeks of paid time off. Norwegian women spend the least amount of time doing housework in their free time and the women of Japan experience the least amount of domestic violence.

With all things considered, which country would you rank as the best for women? Vote on this list and let your voice be heard.
Most divisive: Russia
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