The Best Countries to Adopt From

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List of the best countries to adopt from, ranked by adoptive parents and experts in the field. Hundreds of thousands of children are adopted each year. In the United States, most adoptions stem from the U.S. foster care system, but more and more children are being adopted internationally each year. There are many considerations to keep in mind when choosing which country is right for your family. How long do you want to wait? What age child are you looking to adopt? Are you interested in adopting siblings?

If you are looking to adopt in China, you must be over 30 years old. Korea, however will not adopt to couples who are over the age of 45. Guatemala offers adoption to a wide range of ages and marital statuses, but there is a wait period of anywhere from 3 months to over a year.

Korean children are generally very healthy as the country has a great medical system. Parents both home and abroad are finding wonderful children by adopting from the U.S., plus Americans don't have to worry about citizenship and travel for their new family member.

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