The Best Countries to Invest In

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List of the best countries to invest in, ranked. Savvy investors have been putting their money into foreign countries for many years. How do they determine which one is best? The ideal nation to invest in has to do one thing: provide investors with a high stock or bond yield and make them lots of money. Vote on this list of the greatest countries to invest in and help determine which nearby overseas nation provides the most bang for your buck.

We think of investment as buying shares into a corporation, but corporations also put their money into countries. Is it better to invest in an emerging market or a make investment in established economies? Amongst the favorites for foreign economies to invest in for a stable, slow-growing profit is the United States. Canada is also very popular for foreign investment as they have an extremely reliable economy.

Investing in countries is becoming more popular for individuals as well. The BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) offer great opportunities to prosper. They have been experiencing high economic growth, but there is risk involved if they cannot successfully manage that growth, long term.

So the question stands, which country is the best to invest in? Check with your financial advisor and share your thought by voting on this list.
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