The Best Countries To Move To

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Every year, millions of people decide to leave the country where they were born and raised in order to make another nation their home. Which country is the best to move to? That all depends on what's important to you. Climate, taxes, crime, and health care all must be carefully considered when moving to another country.

One of the first things to consider is how to avoid culture shock. For those in America, moving to a nation where English is widely spoken can be a big help alleviating confusion. New Zealand and Australia are English-speaking nations with beautiful landscapes and an ideal climate.

Safety is another factor to keep in mind when moving across the globe. Norway and Denmark are wonderful countries with a low crime rate. France, Germany, and Italy are all popular destinations for individuals who want to take in delicious food, culture, and beautiful sights. There are so many great countries to move to, how ever to decide which one is the best? That is where you come in. Vote on this list of the best countries to move to and we will see which country lands in the top spot.

Most divisive: France
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