The Best Countries to Raise Children

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List of the Best Countries to Raise Children ranked from best to worst. Raising children is a joyful experience for parents across the globe. Parents all want to give their kids the best education, good access to healthcare and the greatest childhood possible. Some nations provide children with better opportunities than others. Which place is the best to raise children? Help us decide by voting in this list of the best countries to raise children.

France and Italy are great countries to raise children. Not only are they full of culture and opportunities, but they also combine public and private healthcare to maximize the overall health of their nations. European countries also provide mothers with excellent paid maternity leave.

When it comes to a child's education, Japan lands in the top spot year after year. Besides having excellent public and private schools, Japanese children spend much more time doing homework than their counterparts across the globe. Japanese kids are consistently years ahead of their American counterparts in their curriculums.

When you weigh out all of the options, which country is the best to raise children? Vote on this list and share your insights with other voters in the comments section.
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