The Best Countries to Start a Business

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List of the Best Countries to Start a Business ranked from best to worst. What is most important to you and your business? Is it labor costs, importing and exporting capabilities or the level of difficulty in starting a new company? Different countries offer advantages and disadvantages for new businesses. Which one is the best? Vote on this list of the best countries to start a business and let us know what you think.

To this day, the United States remain a great place to start a new business. With a high level of economic integration and a relatively low start-up cost, the United States offer great resources for young companies. The American dream is still alive and well.

China offers low production costs, so if you are going to manufacture a physical product look to Asia. China also has a large population, equating to a large consumer base. Japan also provides great business opportunities and are very willing to work with other nations. The Netherlands offer business owners a great financial model with little red tape, allowing your company to thrive.

Which country is the best to start a business? Vote on this list and share any experience you have starting a business in the comments section.
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