The Best Countries to Travel Alone

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Many travelers believe that the best way to experience another country is to explore it alone. These is a list of good countries to travel alone, ranked best to worst. Solo travel allows you to really take in the culture and beauty of a country without the influence of a companion to help shape your experience. When traveling alone you are able to be completely self-indulgent. If you want to spend all day getting lost in a museum you can do it.

Which country is the best to travel alone? That depends on your vacation priorities. If you would like to take in great museums and intricate architecture or just sit at a cafe all day sipping on cappuccinos, France would be a great option. The Louvre would be a wonderful museum to explore on your own. You can take your time to fully appreciate each work of art without worrying about someone else's timeline.

Australia is another great country to travel alone. You can spend all day learning to surf while enjoying the beach or you can explore the Australian wilderness with a hike through Tasmania. Japan is also a wonderful place to explore by yourself. The nation scores very high on the Global Peace Index ensuring that travelers will feel safe and welcome in this beautiful country.

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