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Which country is the best to travel to? The options are endless and vary from person to person. Do you prefer to experience great nightlife in the hottest cities, or would you rather explore lush landscapes and the wonders of nature? Help travelers determine which nation is the greatest vacation destination by voting on this list. From American sites to the richly historic landscapes of Europe and Asia, the world is full of great countries to visit and explore.

The European nations have been popular travel destinations for decades. With rich culture, delicious cuisines, and some of the world's greatest museums, France, Germany and Spain are places that everyone should experience. Russia is the largest country in the world and offers exciting opportunities for every traveler. The Kremlin in Moscow is one of the most interesting sites that visitors could hope to take in.

Thrifty travelers have more options than ever in 2015. South Korea is becoming an affordable vacation destination for sportsmen and adventure lovers. The Asian nation offers challenging hikes, green golf courses and ocean waters for fishing. Mexico has beautiful all-inclusive resorts that provide vacationers beach front views for a bargain.

What country is your favorite to travel to? Vote on this list and share your favorite travel destinations in the comments section.
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