The Best Countries to Visit in Winter

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List of the best countries to visit in winter, as ranked by avid travelers. Winter is one of the magical times of the year, when the weather may by cold but the atmosphere is cozy and festive. If you are planning to travel during the winter months, you need to select a country that will be welcoming to a hopeful traveler who is looking for the best winter vacation the world has to offer. Many countries have winter sports like skiing and snowboarding,so you can indulge in your favorite physical activity while getting to see the gorgeous sights. Other countries have winter celebrations, including Christmas markets, like the ones in Germany, and outdoor festivals that are the perfect adventure for a tourist.

This list includes countries with breathtaking architecture,world-famous museums, and unbelievable views to be explored. There are countries with well-known celebrations like the Harbin Ice Festival in China and fairytale-like atmospheres like in Austria. If you’re interested in a winter vacation to a warmer location, countries like Belize and Brazil have welcoming beaches for everyone to enjoy.

What places are perfect for winter vacations? Depending on your interests, there are countries on this list that offer every winter activity you could ever dream up.

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