The Best Countries to Work and Live

List of the Best Countries to Work and Live ranked from best to worst. Work-life balance is becoming a matter of great importance to people all over the world. With increasing pressure to do more both on the job and at home, it is important to take time to smell the roses. Which country is the best at figuring out the balance of work and life? Vote on this list and we will see which nation lands in the top spot.

When it comes to work-life balance, it seems that Europe has got it figured out. Norway, the Netherlands and Sweden all offer employees short hours and consistently try to think of ways to make the job better, like improving commutes.

While we work long hours in the United States, we know how to unwind in our off time which makes the US a great country for work-life balance. Our neighbors to the north in Canada have been jumping up the charts when it comes to work-life balance because employers have been noticing that a happy worker is a productive worker.

Which country is the best to work and live? Vote and this list and let us know why you think a certain country is best in the comments section.
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