The Best Countries to Work In

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List of the Best Countries to Work in ranked from best to worst. Which nation is the greatest when it comes to work? A high employment rate with good wages are definitely things to consider, but so are health plans and vacation time. Vote on this list of the best countries to work in and we will see which country provides the best careers.

If you are looking for a career change and time off is important to you, check out the Scandinavian countries. Norway, Denmark and Sweden all offer employees ample time off, short working hours and excellent child care services. People in the Netherlands work the least amount of hours in a year and they have a high level of job security.

England is one of the financial capitals of the world and although it is an expensive city to live in, salaries are generally high. France has great job opportunities as well as tons of recreational options. The United Arab Emirates has been becoming a popular destination for expatriates to find work and offers a very high quality of living.

So, which country is the best to work in? Vote on this list and let the world know where you would want to punch the clock.
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