The Best Country Albums 2013

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Only country albums that were released in 2013

This is a list of the best country albums of 2013 so far. That's right! The time has come to get out your boots and bolo ties. Get out your cowboy hats and country dresses. Saddle up into your Levi jeans and tip a cow, because Patty Griffin is playing her hit album Silver Bell. Brett Eldredge is playing his album Bring You Back. Florida Georgia Line is coming to hour town for a good old fashion hoedown throw down, playing their fantastic album Here's to the Good Times. So what are you going to do about it?

Are these the best country albums of 2013, or the best country albums of all time? Will Joe Nichols replace Toby Keith with his album Crickets, or will he fade away just as quickly as he came to under the spotlight? Did Kacey Musgraves deserve to win female vocalist of the year, or should she be lying at the bottom of the charts, obscure and alone? Is Taylor Swift getting worse and worse as she continues to put out albums, or is she simply growing more and more brilliant and beautiful with age? Do you think Toby Keith should stop getting so many Drinks After Work and actually try to make some decent music, or should good old Toby keep boozing up?

As always, your votes and contribution will determine the answer to all of these immense and timeless questions. These are the concerns that push all of humanity forward, so get to it, hoot and holler, saddle up!
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