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Whether its just letting go on a Friday night after a long week or drowning your sorrows in a stiff martini, there are many country songs that  deal with the subject of drinking. Some of these songs can be uplifting, party songs, while others are lonesome about a jilted lover. Some are can even be narrowed down to the type of drink, like songs about beer. Regardless of the type of approach they take to the subject of drinking, the best of these songs are on this list.

The best country songs that are about drinking are often the most enjoyable and fun-loving of these songs because they are relatable. Vote up the greatest country songs about drinking, and add any songs that aren't already on the list.

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Family Tradition Hank Williams, Jr. - In Hank's family, the only tradition they have is drinking.

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Friends In Low Places In the song an jilted lover crashes hi ex's wedding and gets drunk on her champagne.

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Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound Hank Williams, Jr. - A song about a man with a weakness for whiskey.

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I Think I'll Just Stay Here and Drink A song about drowning your sorrows in a tall glass.

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Whiskey River A song about a place so magical that the whiskey flows like a river.

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There's a Tear in My Beer Another song about drowning your sorrows in a tall glass.

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Beer for My Horses A song about life and drinking habits in the old west.

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White Lightning A song about selling White Lightening aka Moonshine.

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Sunday Morning Coming Down For Cash, the only thing able to cure a hard partying saturday is a beer for breakfast Sunday morning.

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I Love This Bar A song about a place so familiar and friendly that they alsways know what you're having.

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Pretty Good at Drinkin' Beer Some people aren't blessed with many talents, but Billy Currington is 'pretty good at drinking beer"

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Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off A song about a man who knows his lover all to well and her tendency when she's drinking tequila.

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Jose Cuervo A song about waking up with way too many questions after a date with Jose Cuervo

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Straight Tequila Night A song that tells you if a lady is knocking back tequila she's looking for a good time.

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Tennessee Whiskey A song about the love of a women being the only savior from a life at the bottom of the whiskey bottle.

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Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy) A song about drinking, living it up and hitting on all the girls in the bar.

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Ten Rounds With Jose Cuervo A song about the wallop Jose Cuevro packs set up as a boxing match between man and tequila.

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Two Pina Coladas A pina colada in each hand sure seems to make your troubles disappear

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If Drinkin' Don't Kill Me A song about drinking so much that if drinkin' don't kill you, well nothing will.

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Alcohol Alcohol's the devil responsible for all those things you wish you hadn't done.

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Blonde24 added Red Solo Cup Toby Keith

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Jack Daniels, If You Please A song about a man with a drinking problem whose only friend is Jack Daniels.

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The Whiskey Ain't Workin' Travis Tritt, Marty Stuart - A song about drowning your troubles in a glass of whiskey.

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Beer Run (B Double E Double Are You In?) A sog about cutting loose after work with friends and grabbing a cold one.

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Don't Come Home A-Drinkin' (With Lovin' on Your Mind) Loretta Lynn - If the only times you're going to try and get romantic are when you're drinking Loretta's not having any of it.

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Toes A songabout dipping your toes in Mexican sand and throwing back a cold one.

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Tequila Sunrise Eagles - Another song regretting the morning after a long night filled with tequila.

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Here for the Party Gretchen Wilson ain't no slouch when it comes to drinking. She can hang with the men any day of the week.

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The More I Drink A song about a man who knows one drink is one too many because the more he drinks...the more he drinks.

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Beer in Mexico A song simply about wasting the day drinking down in Mexico

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Kaylee Joncas added Drinkin' Problem Lori McKenna

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One More Drinkin' Song Jerrod Niemann thinks the world could use one more drinking song.

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What's Made Milwaukee Famous (Has Made a Loser Out of Me) A song about the perils of becoming all too familiar with beer.

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Drinkin' My Baby (Off My Mind) Another one of those country tunes about drinking away your sorrows.

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Blonde24 added Drink To That All Night Jerrod Niemann

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Colorado Kool-Aid A song dedicated to Colorado's finest - Coors beer.

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Yesterday's Wine A tale of old friends and old wine.

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Beer Thirty What time is it? It's beer-thirty. Drinking time of course.

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I Gotta Get Drunk It's not a choice, they simply gotta.

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A Six Pack to Go When closing time comes too early, you can always get a "six pack to go"

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Drinkin' and Dreamin A song about daydreaming while drunk.

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Whiskey, If You Were a Woman A song about a women who's unafraid to take on her man's mistresses but she's simply unable to defeat his love of whiskey.

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Two More Bottles of Wine A tale of a jilted lover but all is not lost because there are two bottles of wine.

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Mr. Bartender A song about a broken heart and the only fix is another round.

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There Stands the Glass An ode to the glass which makes drinking that much easier.

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GHASSEN added Whiskey on Ice Hank Williams, Jr. - Florida women......on FIRE

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He Drinks Tequila, She Talks Dirty in Spanish In this duet, these two get drunk and have some fun together.

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Six Pack Summer Summer's hot and there's no better ay to cool down than with a few brews.