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The Best Country Movies, Ranked

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List RulesVote up your favorite movies about country music or that include other country themes, like farm life or living in the South.

This list of the best country movies is ranked by film fans and professional movie critics. Country is one of the most popular genres of music in the United States. So much of the genre extends far beyond just music. It’s connected to a sense of pride in the country and in specific states. The genre has become an entire culture, including dance, food, and has also influenced our collective pop culture. Since so much history and emotion is connected to the country genre, it opens itself up well to movie storytelling and film adaptations. There are hundreds of stories of success, love, failure, romance, and heartbreak connected to the country universe and any of the good country movies feature these themes. You might even call some of these films western and cowboy romance movies.

So, what are the best country movies of all time? This list is filled with films that perfectly encompass the passion for country and the culture that surrounds it. Country themed movies like Walk the Line and Crazy Heart tell stories of struggling country music artists, including their passion and sorrows. Other films, like O Brother, Where Art Thou? are more comical, focusing on the lighter side of the genre. You can check out many of these country movies on Netflix, including movies like Sweet Home Alabama and other romantic country movies.

This list is filled with the best movies focusing on the country lifestyle, artists, and genre. The stories told in these movies are very human, so no matter what genre you prefer, there’s something for everyone.