The Best Country Songs Of 2018

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UPDATED: Check out the best new country songs of 2019!

What are the best country songs of 2018? Between long established country music stars like Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks still producing hits, and popular country musicians like Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan churning out new music, it's hard to name the best 2018 country songs. If you have an opinion on what new country music is the highest quality, cast your vote below.  

The newest country songs try to give a modern spin to an established genre while still maintaining country music's simple roots. Which of the top country songs released in 2018 are your favorites? Browse this list of popular country songs and vote up the songs that left you inspired, contemplative, tearful, or excited.

Vote now to help determine the best country songs of 2018. Any recent country songs you feel are missing? Feel free to add them. 

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