The Best Country Songs About Beer

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Whether its just letting go on a Friday night after a long week or drowning your sorrows in a large lager, there are many country songs that  deal with the subject of drinking beer. Some of these songs can be uplifting, party songs, while others are lonesome about a jilted lover. Some are more general, regular drinking songs. Regardless of the type of approach they take to the subject of drinking, the best of these songs are on this list. 

The best country songs that are about drinking beer are often the most enjoyable and fun-loving of these songs because they are relatable. Vote up the greatest country songs about drinking beer, and add any songs that aren't already on the list.
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  • Pop a Top
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    Pop a Top

    Don't you love the sound of that crack when you pop at top on a cold beer? Alan Jackson sure help him drink away his troubles in this tune.
  • I Love This Bar
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    I Love This Bar

    A song about a bar where they drink beer from mason jars.
  • Chug-a-Lug
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    How much beer can you chug-a-lug. Roger Miller's buying.
  • I Think I’ll Just Stay Here and Drink
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    I Think I’ll Just Stay Here and Drink

    Another sad one about drowning your sorrows in a cold one.
  • Beer for My Horses
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    Beer for My Horses

    A song dedicated to the ways of life and drinking in the old west
  • There's a Tear in My Beer
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    There's a Tear in My Beer

    A song about drowning your sorrows in a glass of beer. 
  • Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy
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    Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy

    a song about being a country big shot and getting all the long neck-drinking girls
  • Pretty Good at Drinkin' Beer
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    Pretty Good at Drinkin' Beer

    You may not have many skills in life like Billy Currington, but sometimes we're just a natural at drinking beer.
  • A song about suds in everyone's favorite kind of party cup.
  • Drink in My Hand
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    Drink in My Hand

    When that clock hits five and its drinking time...this song is about getting a cold one in your hand when work is done.
  • I Like Beer
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    I Like Beer

    You don't get more of an ode to the brew than this song.
  • Boys Round Here
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    Boys Round Here

    A song about southern boys and their southern ways drinking ice cold beers and talking about trucks.
  • Country Fried
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    Country Fried

    A song about the loves of the south and the country fried way of life. Beer is a key ingredient in the mix.
  • Something Bout a Truck
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    Something Bout a Truck

    A song about Kip Moore finding trucks and brews incredibly sexy.
  • Drink a Beer
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    Drink a Beer

    Go ahead, you know you really want to. Luke Bryan says it's ok.
  • Toes
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    A song about dipping your toes in the mexican sand with a cold beer in hand.
  • Beer in Mexico
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    Beer in Mexico

    Kenny Chesney's just looking to enjoy a cold one across the border. Another great song about beer.
  • Barefoot Blue Jean Night
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    Barefoot Blue Jean Night

    A song about a place where the girls are always hot and the beer's always cold.
  • Wasted Days and Wasted Nights
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    Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

    These nights are wasted in more than one way thanks to the beer
  • Billy’s Got His Beer Goggles On
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    Billy’s Got His Beer Goggles On

    When you've had too many cold ones, everything and everyone starts to look pretty good.
  • That's My Kind of Night
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    That's My Kind of Night

    A song about tailgating and parting under the moonlight.
  • Beer Money
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    Beer Money

    A song about saving up all your extra change for some good drinking money.
  • Pontoon
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  • Dumas Walker
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    Dumas Walker

    A song about a country store wthat will get you all the beer and supplies you need.
  • Hicktown
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    A song about how things are done in a hitcktown, like buying beer at the Amoco.