The 50+ Best Country Songs About Growing Up

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Growing up isn't easy, but these country songs may be able to soothe your troubles. This list includes great country songs such as “Landslide,” “Young,” “My Wish,” and “Then They Do.” Growing up can be hard, and watching your sons, daughters and kids grow up can be even harder. The best country songs on this list are all about the ups and downs of children becoming adults.

Songs have the ability to make us feel. We often feel an emotional connection to songs, particularly country songs. The southern and country way of life has a long history of strong ties to family, friends, and tradition, and country songs reflect that culture. The best of these songs are ones we listen to on repeat, and help us through the toughest of times, including growing up.

Country songs about growing up are often the most moving because they typically tell a familiar and relatable story. These best country songs about childhood provide a kind of emotional connection that musicians hope people seek in their music.

These are songs from top country artists such as Reba McEntire, Martina McBride, Tim McGraw, and Carrie Underwood, as well as older, classic country artists. Vote up the best country songs about childhood and growing up below, or add one you think is the best if it isn't already on the list.

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