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What are the best country songs about rain? This list includes great country songs such as "Georgia Rain," ”When it Rains,” and “Raining on Sunday.” In literature, film, and even music, rain and stormy weather is often symbolic of tough times, sadness, and despair. However there are also a handful of rain songs about the joys of rain and the memories it holds. Whether you're feeling sad, joyful, or it's a rainy day outside, the songs on this list are all truly great country songs.  

These are songs from top country artists, both modern and classic, such as George Strait, Trisha Yearwood, Reba McEntire, Taylor Swift, and Johnny Cash. Vote up the greatest country songs about the rain below, or add a song with rain in the lyrics that isn't already on the list.

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Garth Brooks - Song about always waiting for your lover to return late at night, and taking matters into your own hands when thunder rolls.

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Eddie Rabbitt - Song about having he rain wash away all your troubles

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Keith Whitley song about being sad, and down and a friend of the devil, and of the rain's

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Ronnie Milsap tune about longing to be home in Tennessee

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Willie Nelson - A song about the difficulties of saying goodbye to a love.

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Song about that ugly storm wrecking havoc in your life,

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Luke Bryan song about the benefits of rain and how it makes the country crops grow.

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Song about not blaming all the sad songs about rain for the problems at hand.

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Creedence Clearwater Revival - Song about the malaise felt by the woodstock generation and the inability of the government to fix the world's problems.

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Elvis Presley - Elvis song about hitchhiking through the rain to get to his love.

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Tim McGraw uses rain as a metaphor for a woman washing over him.

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Song about staying inside and closing the bedroom door on a rainy day.

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A song about it raining hurt and reprimand, after the truth about an affair comes out. 

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A song about being so in love that even the rain isn't a bother anymore.

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Song about a lonely sad night in georgia. The rain is falling so hard that it may as well be raining all over the world.

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Taylor Swift - Song about embracing the world after a rainy night.

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Tim McGraw, Jo Dee Messina - Jo Dee Messina song about being beat down by life and by the rain that's falling hard.

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Song about listening to the rythm of the rain sitting on the porch swing.

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Song from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid about having the blues.

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Trisha Yearwood song about a romantic night under the georgia sky.

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Song chronicalling James Taylor's stay in a mental hospital as a teenager.

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Johnny Cash song about a storm raining down and having to survive.

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Nicole Galbraith added Tim McGraw

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Jim Case added Waylon Jennings

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A song about waiting for the end of the relationship and sensing its near. The rain is a metaphor for the sadness and the end.

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emlyt added Taylor Swift

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dustin-shores added when it rains by Eli Young Band I guess this thing  dosent have Texas Country on it.

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Dolly's teardrops fall as steady as the rain in this sad song.

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Little Big Town song about rain being as sweet as the pitter patter of rain on a tin roof.

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A song about not a little passing storm but a driving rain that means the end of a relationship

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Kenny Chesney song about remembering a special romantic night that took place in the rain.

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George Strait song about the saness and sorrow being lifted from life.

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Garth Brooks song about the rain bringing back memories of an old love.

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Song about reminiscing about an old love in Dallas.

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A song about accepting the lonesome feeling that comes with loss and a rainy evening.

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SheDaisy song about wanting to get away and be as flexible as the rain.

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Shania Twain song about taking a lover for granted.

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Brad Paisley song about the memory of a lover coming back when it rains because they loved the rain.

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A song about running into an old love and wishing for the rain to come so that she doesn't notice.

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Song about a woman leaving on a plane on a rainy early morning day.

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Daryl Worley song about troubles easing up and passing overhead.

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A song about dreaming of finding the perfect love.

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The rain always signals a sad day when a woman's son goes away each saturday in this Reba McEntire song.

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Song about the freedom of going skinny dipping in the rain