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What are the best country songs about suicide? This list includes great country songs such as “Whiskey Lullaby,” “How Do You Get That Lonely”,” “Why” and “The Call.” Dealing with life's us and downs can be a difficult thing to bare. Whether its a personal conflict or you know of someone who's having a difficult situation there are many songs that also deal with this difficult subject. Often these songs can be uplifting, they can help us understand, and sometimes they can just make us sadder. Regardless of the type of approach they take to the subject of suicide, the best of these songs are on this list.

Songs have the ability to make us feel. We often feel an emotional connection to songs, particularly country songs. The southern and country way of life has a long history dealing with life's hardships and tragedies. The best country songs tat deal with sucide are often the most moving of these songs because they tell a familiar and relatable story since we all deal with life's ups and downs. No one these songs are meant to portray a way out, they are simply songs that people write as they deal with their own personal experiences.

These best country songs that deal with suicide are extremely emotional. They are heartbreaking and often make us cry. 

These are songs from top country artists, both modern and classic, such as Rascal Flatts, Dolly Parton,Bobbie Gentry, and Garth Brooks. Vote up the greatest country songs about suicide if it isn't already on the list.
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Brad Paisley, Alison Krauss
A song about dirnkning yourself to death
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A song about reading about a suicide and wondering how people come to that decision.
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A song about how a phone call can prevent suicide.
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A song used for suicide prevention campaigns
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Johnny Cash
A song about hurting one self to feel the pain and feel alive.
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A song about wanting to committ suicide and realizing life isn't as bad as you thought.
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crazieanimefan1 added Martina McBride

A song of a woman who committed murder/suicide due to domestic violence while her daughter attends a 4th of July parade.

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A song about hurting everyne and finding the only way to stop it is suicide.
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Craig Morgan
A song about perspective, even when the worst things in life happen to you.
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Garth Brooks
A song about committing suicide over losing a loved one.
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Keith Whitley
A song about not wanting to let go.
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A song about contemplating suicide.
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Bobbie Gentry
A song about two Mississippi lovers who secret eventually leads to one's suicide.
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A song about a man who sacrifices his own life to save others.
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Fire Away is listed (or ranked) 15 on the list The Best Country Songs About Suicide
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A song about finding a reason to live rather than taking your life.
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A song that's an apology for suicide.
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A song about how no one understands.
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A song about how friends will react to your death.
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A song about missing someone who's comitted suicide
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A song about talking someone out of suicide.
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Craig Brewster added Vern Gosdin
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A song about chasing after someone's ghost after they've gone.
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A song about a hypothetical suicide note
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A song about those above us