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The Best Country Songs About Texas

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There are a number of great country songs about Texas, and some true classics at that. Texas essentially leads the pack when it comes to country songs – about the state, about its cities, about everything really. Given that so many famous country musicians hail from the Lone Star State, is it any wonder than country TX songs are so good?

If Texas has a modern-era country music icon, it would have to be George Strait. This Texas native has written countless songs about his birth state. To say he’s Texas proud would be an understatement. Willie Nelson could also be the unofficial country poster child of Texas. Nelson, who was born in the small Texas town of Abbott, has written or recorded a lot of excellent country songs about TX – including a guest vocal on a Waylon Jennings song that might just be one of the greatest country Texas songs of all time.

Many other artists’ Texas country songs are represented here. Some artists are Texas natives – others just seem to want to be. Whatever the case, things really are bigger in Texas, including country music. Read on to listen to some tunes, and vote your favorites to the top of the list.