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What are the best country songs for a funeral? This list includes great country songs such as “I Believe,” “If Tomorrow Never Comes,” “Arlington.” and “Daddy's Hands.” Few things are as difficult as letting go and burying a loved one. Whether they were close, a friend, or family, dealing with someone's passing can be a difficult thing to deal with. Often these are topics that the saddest of country songs deal with. The best of these songs on this list.

Songs have the ability to make us feel. We often feel an emotional connection to songs, particularly country songs. The southern and country way of life has a long history of life love and loss, and country songs reflect that culture. The best country songs for a funeral are often the most moving of these songs because they tell a familiar and relatable story.One that uplifts and gives us the will to go on.

These best country songs for a funeral provide kind of emotional connection that musicians hope people seek in their music. They are heartbreaking and often make us cry. They provide the type of emotion that gives us solace.

These are good country funeral songs from top country artists, both modern and classic, such as Rascal Flatts, Gary Allen, Kenny Chesney, and Garth Brooks. Vote up the greatest country songs for funerals or add any you think would be meaningful at a funeral if they aren't already listed.

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mrchuckwall1 added When I Get Where I'm Going Dolly Parton, Brad Paisley

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Go Rest High On That Mountain It is a ballard for those that have passed

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If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away A song about missing a deceased grandfather.

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If Tomorrow Never Comes Garth Brooks - A song about cherishing the moments we have.

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One More Day With You A song about wishing for just one more day with that person you love.

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The Dance Garth Brooks - A song about the joyful memories you once shared with a loved one.

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I'm Already There A song about passing onto heaven.

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Daddy's Hands A good song to rember a father by.

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Holes in the Floor of Heaven A sad song about love, loss, and life. A nice way to say goodbye.

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Angels Among Us Alabama - A song about those we've lost watching over us.

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I Believe A sad song about loss but one that comforts.

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If You Get There Before I Do A song about losing someone to heaven.

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Bless the Broken Road Rascal Flatts - A song about the loved one that saved your life. A nice way to remeber a lost loved one.

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tasha-smith added Drink a Beer Luke Bryan

Country Singers Who Died Young

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What Hurts the Most A song about loss done by Rascal Flatts but Wills gives an added texture.

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chyanniemarie14 added Sissy's Song Alan Jackson

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Wish You Were Here A song about missing someone dear who has passed.

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Who You'd Be Today A what if song, reflecting on where someone would be if we hadn't lost them.

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Don't Blink A song about the speed of life and the need to live it to the fullest.

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In Color Jamey Johnson - A look back over a lifetime and living without any regret.

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Dancing With the Angels A song about wishing a lost loved one is better off now.

The Best Opening Act You've Ever Seen

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amy-jenkins added Lead Me Home Jamey Johnson

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If I Had Only Known A song about sudden loss.

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AmberDawnClayborn added Jealous of the Angels Jenn Bostic

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MarleneAnderson added I'll Leave This World Loving You Ricky Van Shelton

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MelissaBarglof-Johnson added Cryin' for Me (Wayman's Song) Toby Keith

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Believe  A song about those special moments with loved ones both friends and family.

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God's Will A song about life being subject to god, and just trusting in that.

The Best Country Songs About Death

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Paint Me a Birmingham A song about the loss of a loved one and plans that were unfortunately never able to be made.

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tricia-calloway added It's Not Goodbye, It's See You Later

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Arlington Trace Adkins - A song in tribute to fallen soldiers

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Sara Megan added See You Again Carrie Underwood

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People Are Crazy A song that looks at life's unexpected twists and turns.

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There You'll Be A song about the strength of memory during times of loss.

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ZacharyDiebel added One Hell of an Amen Brantley Gilbert

Catchiest Viral Internet Songs of All Time

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The Good Stuff A look back on life and all its great moments. A nice way to remeber a loved one.

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The Baby A song about a youngest child loosing his mother. A song where that laments the ones we've lost and not having enough time.

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Life Ain't Always Beautiful A realistic look at life and its tragedies. Sometimes its best to be honest.

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Collin Martin Johnston0 added Please Remember Me Tim McGraw

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Mama Was a Lot Like Jesus A tribute to mothers in a time of loss.

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I'm No Stranger to the Rain A song about finding comfort in that too familiar feeling of loss.

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Moments Another song about recognizing the impact we have on one another.

The Best Country Songs for Weddings

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A Picture of Me (Without You) Lorrie Morgan - A song about what life will be like with a loved one gone.

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I Won't Let Go A song about helping someone through a dificult time.

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Nobody Knows It but Me A song about saying what we mean to say to those we love before its too late.

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Stephanie Davis added You Can Let Go Now, Daddy Crystal Shawanda

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kent787 added He Stopped Loving Her Today George Jones

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If I Don't Make It Back A tribute to a soldier who doesn't make it back from war.

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You're Gone A song about reconizging the huge impact others have on our life.

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daveama added Will The Circle be Unbroken Johnny Cash (Ft. Nitty Gritty Dirt Band)