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TV sitcoms don't just give us hilarious moments, sometimes they give us a truly amazing couples to root for too. Couples from TV sitcoms may not be perfect, but that doesn't stop fans from loving them. Over the years, plenty of couples have emerged from TV sitcoms, but which couple is the ultimate relationship goal? Vote up the best couples from TV sitcoms!

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    Gomez And Morticia Addams From The Addams Family (1964 — 1966)

    From Redditor u/4score7loko:

    I love how The Addams Family is supposed to be the complete opposite of what a normal family is like and the husband being madly in love with his wife was part of that aspect.


    From Redditor u/EsholEshek:

    They are excellent parents. Supportive and nurturing, never punishing unreasonably but reprimanding in a constructive way.

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    Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago From Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013 — 2021) 

    From Redditor u/PeanutButterCrisp:

    Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago, easily. You know why they’re so great? Because their dynamic feels natural and real. It’s not a conceited plan to be wiped out by the writers to carry on the plot. They got together for a reason and stayed together for those reasons and more. If there is one thing I will forever take away from B99, it’s Jake and Amy.


    From Redditor u/victoriaj:

    I think they seem such a healthy relationship. They support each other as they are, but also make each other better. They are thoughtful to each other and listen to each other. And they want to make each other happy. Which shouldn't stick out anywhere near as much as it does. So many TV relationships that everyone would instantly say were bad relationships in real life.

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    Red and Kitty Forman From That '70s Show (1998 — 2006)

    From Redditor u/Dash_Underscore:

    "Good night son. Oh, and be quiet going up the stairs. Your mother is... very tired."

    I always loved the episodes where they'd realize they had the house to themselves, and would run upstairs. So awesome to see their passion still alive.


    From Redditor u/runninonneckthoughts:

    I love how Red and Kitty seem like a real couple that’s been married for a long time. They’re both so set in their ways and bicker a lot, but they love each other. <3

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    Bob and Linda Belcher From Bob's Burgers (2011 — Present)

    From Redditor u/Do_it_for_Them:

    I'm currently marathoning this and just saw an episode where Bob and Linda had the night alone with no kids. So, Teddy makes them have some fun, romantic night and all they do is eat a lot of food and fall asleep!

    They are such an amazing couple that it doesn't even come off as "LOOK AT US, WE'RE PERFECT!" Instead, it's all just so natural that you can go without noticing how great they are together.

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    Monica Geller And Chandler Bing From Friends (1994 — 2004)

    From Redditor u/Lozzif:

    I love how they're best friends and stayed that way after hooking up. Plus I just love the way they were played. A couple who is constantly touching and literally lighting up whenever the other walked in the room. The entire arc of their secret relationship and then when they all found out is the best episode of the show.


    From Redditor u/Aqquila89:

    Unlike the constantly on-and-off relationship of Ross and Rachel, their relationship developed naturally, going from friends with benefits to dating to enganged to married and finally having kids.

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    Homer And Marge Simpson From The Simpsons (1989 — Present)

    From Redditor u/AlbertFrankEinstein2:

    Homer and Marge, they’re beautifully flawed.


    From Redditor u/flowerpotss:

    Marge is one of my favorite sitcom characters, and Homer is a lovable doofus. While their relationship definitely is not traditionally the best, it’s hard not to love them anyway.