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The Best Cowboy Bebop Fanfiction, Ranked

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Both critically acclaimed and beloved by fans, Cowboy Bebop is a staple in the anime community. Perhaps because it's a well-told story with few holes to fill in, the fanfiction community for the series is small. That being said, there is still plenty of good Cowboy Bebop fanfiction to be found. If you need more Cowboy Bebop fanfiction in your life, this curated list will help you find what you're looking for. The list covers everything from the adventures of Ein the data dog to Spike's romances with both Faye and Jet. There's even an AU (alternate universe) fanfic involving mermaids. 

Which of these stories is worthy of being named as the best Cowboy Bebop fanfiction? That's up to the readers. If you see a fic you know and love, or find a new favorite, vote it up to help guide other readers. 

  • 1

    by Agent Orange 

    The Bebop gang goes undercover at an institute for troubled families to catch a shrink with a shady past. Luckily, dysfunction isn't a stretch for them. 

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  • 2

    by bebop-aria 

    Brotherhood. Violence. Politics. Sex. Revenge. Love. Betrayal. Jazz. Spike, Julia and Vicious' lives before 2068, assembled from the photo album of still images in the series.

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  • 3

    by lupinely

    Spike and Jet never put a name to what they are doing together, and they both prefer it that way. They’re two people on a spaceship trying to make a living. It doesn’t have to be any more complicated than that.

    Then the dog shows up. Then Faye. Then Ed.

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  • 4

    by disposablehero 

    Bounty heads, Ganymede lobsters, Wild Turkey, diamonds, revelations and caterwauling. Just two weeks on the Bebop. 

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  • 5

    by anastea

    jet falls in love, in seven parts.

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  • 6

    by smithpepper

    Faye listens to Billie Holiday, drinks too much, and searches for what she's lost. Will she find what she's looking for?

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  • 7

    by fivethingsunmixed

    n. a singular passion for music that is beyond all reason.

    The Bebop crew isn't the sort that says mushy things like "I love you". Not if you don't want to end up with Faye mocking you, Edward hacking into your bank balance, Spike's snide comments or Jet just plain laughing.

    That doesn't mean they *don't* say it. They say it all the time. Just...not with words. Or in a normal way. A look at how the crew show their love, for the ship, for Ein, for each other. 

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  • 8

    by Cassandra

    Finally coming to grips with Spike's death, the Bebop crew are back to bounty hunting but Spike's sudden reappearance and a botched bounty force Faye to reconsider the life she leads especially when she is targeted by someone from her past. 

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  • 9

    by HeyItsMJ

    She tires of the desert. And when Ed tires of something, she leaves.

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  • 10

    by sally (team_fen)

    Finding her father turns out to be more difficult than Ed had expected.

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  • 11

    by deadcellredux

    “So,” Spike says, looking past Faye down the hall. “Ready for more?”

    “No,” she sneers. She leans closer to mutter harshly into his ear. “I’m tired, I’m starving, and I can’t believe we’re hunting an exotic dancer named Venus Bonanza.”

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  • 12

    by virusq

    When the cowboys are too hungry to hunt, one dog must stand short and take matters into his own paws.

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  • 13

    by psychobeautyqueen

    I thought you died alone a long, long time ago.

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  • 14

    by teresa 

    Spike's near-death experience in the end of the series cause a slight change in both Faye and himself. With the shift, will they be able to see each other in a new light? 

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  • 15

    by kittydesade

    Radical Edward explores a strange desert planet and meets a cactus man. [Cowboy Bebop x Trigun Crossover]

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  • 16

    by red-tenko 

    A different style of Bebop fic, and a different kind of SxF. A year after RFB Faye finds a job, but her boss is obsessed with finding out who killed the Red Dragons and Faye is dragged right back to her past.

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  • 17

    by squeequeg

    The Bebop hangs gently in orbit,
    And its crew has a schedule to keep. 
    So I'll tell you one story, and we'll all get some rest.
    Okay, Ed? Lie the f**k down and sleep.

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  • 18

    by metgear5

    Going after a bounty bigger then they ever thought possible the Bebop crew faces an opponent that may be too much for even them to handle. [Cowboy Bebop x Predator crossover]

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  • 19

    by rameseas

    Spike credits it to the absinthe, to the sheer hysteria of this day, and to the past one hundred and five days he’s spent slowly and painfully ripping himself away from Julia that instead of doing something like screaming or fainting or just f**king dying from the shock of it all, he finds that it makes perfect sense to him that he should have met a cackling mermaid on the day of his divorce, that this sudden shift in his life from being a realistic if somewhat surreal tragicomedy to being a full-on supernatural romance is far from horrifying or unwelcome to him – in fact, he likes it.

    (AKA: a Sephardi Jewish ex-English major with a fresh divorce under his belt and a taste for the narratively ironic meets a rough-around-the-edges surfer chick with absinthe eyes and a fishtail where her legs should be. Love ensues.)

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  • 20

    by JeanBiscuit

    A continuation of Cowboy Bebop, of sorts, starting at the ending of the final episode. Reader saves Spike from certain death at the front steps of the Red Dragon headquarters, then reunites him with the other members of the Bebop crew. Reader is persuaded to stay on the Bebop by Spike, who points out that she is the only medical professional on the ship. With Spike being hunted by the remnants of the syndicate, and Reader's own past to consider, a wild ride is sure to ensue.

    I just like Spike Spiegel a lot don't look at me.

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