The Best Craft Beers

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Beer nerds, unite! You know you love yourselves some craft beers, so why not have not only a gander, but also voice your opinion on you consider to truly be the best craft beer? You know your craft beers better than everyone else, so it's up to you to decide which of these fine brews takes home this coveted title. Why else would you spend your time reading publications and traveling to taste beers at local breweries? Will it be an established brand or an upstart brewery? Only you can decipher what's the best IPA or stout and the like.

It's up to you to decide what is the best craft beer. Don't feel overwhelmed if there's a new craft beer coming out tomorrow, you can add it below! So get after it and vote for your favorite brew on this exhaustive list.

Most divisive: Gentlemens Brewing Company Pale Ale
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