The Best Craft Supply Stores

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Feeling creative? This list is for you. These are the best craft supply stores, as ranked by hobbyists like you. Where you shop for craft supplies depends on your individual project. Maybe you're knitting a cozy winter scarf, or perhaps you're more of a jewelry maker. Whatever your crafty preference, you'll find the perfect stores for craft supplies on this list.

What specialty establishments will you find on this list of the best craft supply stores? Michaels is a one-stop shop for arts and crafts lovers. Whether you're assembling a scrapbook or are learning to paint, Michaels has everything you need to create homemade crafts. Hobby Lobby is another one of the best stores for picking up crafting supplies. In recent years Etsy has become a great place to buy crafting supplies, as well as unique gifts made by crafters all over the world. Other good shops featured on this craft store list include Hobby Town U.S.A., Target, and Ebay.

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