The Best Crayola Crayon Color Names

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Upvote the craziest, most creative Crayola Crayon color names. This isn't about your favorite color, it's about awesome crayon names.

In 1903, Crayola released their original eight crayon colors. But those are super boring. They were called things like "black," and "green." Yawn. But you know how this colorful story ends. By 1905 they had expanded to 30 colors, and today, kids everywhere rejoice that Crayola boasts over 100 standard colors, along with many fun and exciting special crayon lines, like glitter crayons and silly scents! These days, Crayola is known for its creative and delightful crayon names, spicing up coloring time and school supply lists with colors like shocking pink and radical red. But what are the best Crayola color names of all time?

Crayola has come a long way from black and green. Now they offer drawing and coloring book fiends choices like like Cerulean (super fun to say out loud), Jazzberry Jam (fun and delicious!) and Razzmatazz (just plain silly). Whether you reach for Fuzzy Wuzzy or Asparagus when the coloring mood strikes, you know Crayola Crayons are the best out there, and their fun names are just part of their appeal. This ain't no Rose Art garbage world we're living in. This is a Crayola paradise where you don't have to settle for gray - you can choose between popular crayon colors like Timberwolf and Manatee. Isn't life great?!

Vote for the crayon names you think are the most fun, and most likely to get you to color with that crayon. Who can resist Screamin' Green?! If the Crayola Color that always makes you giggle isn't listed, do crayon artists everywhere a favor and add it for a comprehensive listing of weird crayon names. But if you add "Blue" to this list, you're doing it wrong. Blue is an accurate, but BORING color name. Happy coloring!

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