The Funniest Crime Parodies and Spoof Movies, Ranked

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Vote up your favorite comedy films that take the traditional crime movie and turn it on its head.


There's nothing funny about crime - except when it's portrayed in hilarious film parodies. The top crime parodies feature unlikely heroes attempting to prevent bumbling criminals from breaking the law. This is a list of the greatest funny crime spoof movies, including everything from Take the Money and Run to The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! to Loaded Weapon 1.

What films will you find on this best crime spoofs? Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery pokes fun at the ultra serious James Bond franchise. Mike Myers plays both the swinging spy Austin Powers and his nemesis Dr. Evil in this crime spoof franchise. Super Troopers is another funny film that finds laughs in crime parody. Damon Wayans spoofed superhero crime fighters with his 1994 comedy Blankman. Other good films featured on this list include Top Secret, Dragnet, and MacGruber.

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