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15 Dudes Who Turned Crossplay Into High Art

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You see women cosplaying as male characters all the time, but how often are men cosplaying as female characters? Turns out, it happens all the time. It's called crossplaying, and it's awesome. All the proof you'll need is here in this list of the best crossplay. From the scary to the sexy, these are some seriously talented people. Vote up the crossplays so good they made you do a double-take.

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    Definitely a Beauty

    Photo: TheOfficialAriel / Instagram

    Richard Arthur, also known as TheOfficialAriel, is a master at transforming himself into Disney princesses. This shot of Richard as Belle from Beauty and the Beast was taken by Austin Buchanan.

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    A Rare but Perfect Sims Cosplay

    Photo: avacassandra / DeviantArt

    DeviantArt user AvaCassandra blew crossplaying out of the water with a Sims Bella Goth cosplay.

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    Ruby Has Never Looked So Graceful

    Photo: flickr / CC0

    Blogger and avid crossplayer adellexe pulled off an amazing Ruby from RWBY. Shot by Kiwira.

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    This Will Bring Your Coraline Nightmares Back

    Photo: louistato / Instagram

    Instagram user louistato does a lot of cosplay, but this one is really, really scary - in a good way. His Other Mother from Coraline crossplay is almost too accurate.

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